The name of the band

     Our brass and dance band "STAROVARKA" came into existence in the year 1987, the idea of which originated in a small pub called "In the Port" in Pomezí, which is a little village situated between Cheb (Eger) and German border. There were four musicians, young at that time, who played together in a youth brass orchestra in Cheb and who took another more experienced musician - colleague into their new-established band. This "mix of musicians" was named after the place where it originated. "PŘÍSTAVANKA", meaning "The port band".



     It was the time when all bands could perform only after passing due musical tests (replays). At that time ensemble leaders had to pass the bandmaster exams and it was necessary for each music group to have its own establisher. The former "JZD" (the abbreviation for "Uniform agricultural cooperative") Lipová took the patronage over our band and thus we got another name: "LIPOVANKA"



Holland (1989)


     A bit later the Cheb's brewery "Starovar" took over the role of our patron and sponsor and gave its name to our musical group. Since then we have called ourselves "STAROVARKA". As it always happens breweries arise and cease to exist while music bands survive. The same happened to us. Nowadays there stands a big shopping centre on the place of the former brewery "Starovar" but we are so proud of our name that even though the brewery doesn't exist anymore we won't give up its name.


Brewery Cheb (1993)

The Members

     The original "staff" of our band has remained nearly the same with a few changes. Some members were temporerily replaced by other musicians such as. Standa Kocum (accordion) and Stefan Meszaros (percussions), the reason for that being the army service of some of our members.


B. Krůta (Hudba hradní stráže Prague)

J. Mastný & P. Šimek (Posádková hudba Benešov)





bandleader: P. Šimek – trumpet
J. Mastný – accordion
V. Pavelka – trumpet
J. Maier – tuba
B. Krůta – percussion

bandleader: L. Mandous – trumpet
J. Mastný – accordion
V. Pavelka – trumpet
P. Šimek - tenor
J. Maier – tuba
B. Krůta – percussion

bandleader: J. Mastný - accordion
Z. Vávra - trumpet
V. Pavelka – trumpet
P. Šimek - tenor
B. Polívka – tuba
B. Krůta – percussion


The bandleader: Bohumil Polívka

Tuba, Basguitar

Jaroslav Mastný

Accordion, Keyboard, Singer

Radim Eschler

Singer, Clarinet, Saxophone

Zdeněk Vávra


Vladimír Pavelka

Trumpet, Singer

Petr Šimek

Tenor, Trombone, Singer

Bohuslav Krůta

Percussions, Acoustic percussions


"Starovarka" (2000)

Perfoming abroad

     Originally we toured our native country only (if we don't consider visits to foreign countries with the above-mentioned youth brass orchestra). But after the year 1989 our west neighbours who like to listen to the Czech brass music asked our band to come over and play for them. Since that time we have realized countless numbers of gigs and tours in Germany and visited some other states including Switzerland, Holland, Austria.


      Year 1997: We would like to mention performances in famous TV program called "Příště u Vás..." (meaning: "Next time let's meet at yours...") which is a music program presenting brass bands in different parts of our friends from other bands to join and help us in this venture. We would like to remember all musicians - our colleagues - who are members of these, in our region well-known, music bands.